Effective Website Navigation To Boost Conversion Rate

Web Entwicklung SpezialistIt is good if customer comes to your eCommerce stores with intend of buying certain item, then he might directly go the section and buy it. But you can’t expect such behavior from every person that visits your store. Actually many visitors come to the website without any pre-decided plan and like browse through the items. If something appeals them then only they make purchase. That’s why browsing through your website should give pleasant and intuitive experience to your visitors.

Any eCommerce website must be well equipped in terms of navigational elements and should help visitor to find various directions towards the check out process. This feature will surely convert more number of visitors and you earn good profits. Here are some tips to design best navigational experience for your visitors.

Be consistent-

Navigation tools on your eCommerce website play important role in guiding user to proper pages. They are not just buttons or arrows taking user to next or previous pages. Navigation means lot more on eCommerce websites. They define the UX (user experience) quotient of your website. You should deliberately design the navigation flow on your website and force or tempt user to follow it. A consistent navigation experience can lead visitors to desired pages. Consistent navigation means using same set of navigation elements on all the pages across your website. It is not compulsory to show all elements on all pages, but whichever elements are present follow the same theme. User must not face questions like “how and where to go from here?”. 

Another point is the consistency with other eCommerce websites. All eCommerce website follow some standards when it comes to show carts, amounts and checkout pages. It is suggested to carry such practices on your website too. Otherwise your store might look alien from others and user might leave in half way.

Understand Customers Requirements

After having well designed and integrated navigation system, the next task is to make those small modifications that will suit the specific needs of your customers. These modifications should address the pain areas of customers and add value to  UX.  You need to assess your customer’s requirements for the products offered on your stores. For example – when customer is browsing through apparels, you can add filters to search for colors, sizes and fabric. But when he moves to jewelry section, another set of filters should appear. These are termed as contextual variations which help users to narrow down their search and get exactly what they are looking for. You must understand a fact that nobody comes to your store website with firm decision that “I am here to buy black XL size t-shirt from Nike”. People like to surf what is available and get best possible at the end.

Simple and streamlined Check Out Process  –

After giving pleasant trip to users through your stores, now is the crucial time to take them to the check out process. Checkout process must be simple enough. It should not take long time to fill in unnecessary details in the forms. You can also cut off some heavy design elements and let the user focus on the buying process.

These are three ways to create customer-centric navigation process that will boost the conversion rate of your online store.

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