Good Visuals – Important Feature in Website Development

Today, people are more interested in viewing information rather than reading it. Images and videos are the new found language of the internet, and are said to be dominating the digital marketing scene. The main appeal of these visual contents is its ability to communicate complex messages quickly. This should be considered by the digital marketers who have been trying to capture the short attention span of the users.

Quality photos, interactive videos, unique infographs and even fun memes and comics provide users with the information they need. These visuals engage the users instantly and leave a long lasting impression. Indeed, the visuals are important for the web, more so than the text.

Good Visuals - Important Feature in Website Development

The role of visuals in web designing:

Attracts attention:

Visual appeal can attract attention more than anything. This is a key to getting the users’ attention to the website. People like looking at pretty things and get attracted towards it more than an ugly one. However, it is also vital to know the target audience in order to come to a point of what they think is pretty.

Creates a first impression:

In order to create a great first impression of a website, it is vital to use good quality images that make sense and goes in sync with the website’s theme. The first impression is the last impression, and that is very true. The visitors may judge the website in the first couple of minutes and if the visuals of the website are not up to the mark, it might result in a lack of a sale. However, if the website is giving out a negative first impression, chances are the users would not enjoy their visit, nor will they look forward to coming back.

Build relationships:

Visuals can build relationships. Help the users identify the website by providing them with amazing visuals. This in return will get you a step closer to building long lasting relationship with the visitors. Hence, it is very important to include quality images and interactive videos to take up the user’s attention.

A Few reasons why images are important:

  • Articles or web pages with quality visuals get 94% more total views
  • 60% of the consumers are more likely to contact a business whose image shows up in the search result
  • 67% of the users say that the quality of an image is more important when selecting and buying a product on an eCommerce site

The good quality visuals are as much important as a great web design. The right kind of images will definitely transform the website from good to best. And it will also say a lot about the websites value and proposition than any amount of words.

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