Finding Right Way To Improve Conversion Rate For Your Store

If you are running online business based on the shopping cart application, then it is very much necessary for you to read on this article. Conversion does not necessarily mean selling some product or services online for all websites. It can mean clicking on some link or even visiting a page or filling up contact forms, etc. Here we will discuss, tips to improve conversion rate for a shopping cart website. 

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Design Consistency

For a shopping cart website payment gateway is an integral part. However, payment gateway is provided by some other agency and these pages have a completely different look than the business website. Due to this the customer might get confused and he might decide to leave the shopping process. To avoid this you must ensure that the payment gateway provider allows page customization and this page, although out of your website have a similar look and feel as that your other pages. This will ensure safety for your customer and he will proceed towards the checkout without any doubt in his mind.

Ensure Security

Security is a big concern on the website which has online payment facilities. You must display your security certificate and other SSL lock too. Use simple language to make your visitors comfortable and assure that they have landed on safe website.

Keep the latest information

It is the trickiest part of the trade. You have to keep your website updated with the latest information to attract more number of new customers and hold old customers. This information can act as a good advertising material for your social media campaigns. At the same time you have to keep your website clear and clutter free too.

Simple language

If you are using plain English on your website and not any other local language, then avoid using heavy terms or very tough English phrases. If your visitor could not understand the text matter, written he might not stay longer on your website.

Clear cut plan for shopping

Try to make the checkout process as simple as possible. Many customers get very anxious as they proceed towards the checkout and hence you must not add to their difficulties. Keep it as simple to be used by a first time online shopper.

Policies and terms and conditions

Adding return /exchange policies, shipping information on your website makes a responsible shop owner. These pieces of information are extremely important for customers and if you can provide them prominent location on your website then your customers might trust you more. 

All the above mentioned points can hold the customer for longer time on your website and reduce drop rates. Chances of conversion become more when customer spends some time on the product pages.

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