It’s Official Now – Google “Mobile-Friendly” Labels

Google has officially declared for the beginning of mobile-friendly label in the search results displayed on the mobile devices. This is not a day’s job for sure. Google has done rigorous testing for several months and then has launched it finally. Google said that it is an effort to give best possible search results to the mobile user. With the mobile friendly tag it is clear to the user that the website can be viewed on the mobile screen without any problem. In the absence of such tags, it was frustrating for the users to land on the website which is not optimized for mobile viewing. The tag gives value added information to the user about the status of the website pertaining to mobile display.

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Apart from the “mobile-friendly” tag, Google is also introducing the new ranking algorithm for the mobile friendly websites. Here are some parameters which Google’s algorithms going to check for while tagging your website as mobile friendly or not

  1. Very first and important factor to look for is the use of flash in website. Flash is not commonly used for mobile devices and the size of animations is generally large, takes more time to load.
  2. Readable text without zoom effect
  3. Scrolling in both directions- horizontal or vertical, the absence of both scrolls is desired features as it can hamper reading on small screens
  4. Link placement – enough space between two links to ensure that mobile user will use his finger to tap the link.

Google is testing your websites if they are ready to give a good user experience to mobile surfers. For this, Google is sending a mobile usability report to all the webmasters along with the issues found on their respective website. If you have developed your website, then check your inbox. You can also send requests to Google for receiving this report in case you have missed it. After fixing the said issues you can test your website on this website and check how it will look like on small devices. To avoid any kind of disappointment for search result ranking, move fast and check current status of your website.

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