Improving Filter In E-Commerce Site Improves Shopping Experience For Customer

Filters on an ecommerce sites help customers find the product faster and also narrows down the search results or listings on a product category page. This improves the shopping experience for the consumers and boost sales for the online merchants. The success of the filtered navigation on an ecommerce site can be measured by the results it produces, its ease of use and how it impacts sales.

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Here are ways to improve filters on the ecommerce site:

Provide filters that differentiate a product:

The filters in the navigation should be able to direct the users to choose the specific products they desire. Include selectors in filtered navigation like size, colors, or diverse styles if a product consists of all these attributes. These attributes should, however, differ on the basis of the products. For instance, one would not necessarily find all of the same filters on a category page for T-shirts as would in auto parts.

Allow users to select multiple filters:

Filtered navigation basically means helping shoppers zero down their choices to a particular set of products. To get a specific set of product lists it is important to allow users to select multiple filters, this will not only bring the users close to their preferred choice but also will boost the site’s sales.

Avoid displaying no results:

A customer sometimes can narrow down their filter too much to end up with no results of their specific choice. This might frustrate the users and make them leave the site to look for their product somewhere else. Hence it is important to avoid displaying no results, and to only allow shoppers to filter an option that is available.

Clarity of options:

Ensure to use filters that are easily understandable by the shoppers. Avoid including too fancy words as filters, this will only create confusion among the users and make them think twice about making a purchase. The content should be generated keeping the customers in mind to provide them with great shopping experience and avoid confusion over what is being communicated.

Keep mobile in mind:

Make sure that the filtered navigation works well on mobile devices, since the number of users browsing the internet using their mobile devices have increased.  Hence, to avoid missing out on this huge demographic, it is advisable to optimize the filter for mobile. Ensure the filter boxes are easy to select on smaller touch screens and not that small enough that can be accidentally clicked and selected.

Follow these tips for improved category filters in ecommerce.

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