CSS & HTML – The Design Programming Languages

In the web development process, HTML and CSS is the very base for it. Today, we cannot really think of building a website without using CSS or HTML. They are first brick in the making. They are the essentials for designing any kind of website today. Be it eCommerce or a CMS, basics start with CSS and HTML.

But calling them basics is not a bit of underestimation. They are part of a bigger picture in web development. As a web development expert I think HTML and CSS is the lifeline of website.

According the web development specialists around the world, CSS and HTML will be relevant for web designers and UI design experts at least until 2016. Let us have a more detailed understanding of HTML and CSS as Design Programming Languages!

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HTML & CSS – The Design Toolkit for Web Development

The Base

When you are web designer, it is important that you have some knowledge of Photoshop and a bit of sketching. It is important to understand the needs of web design. When you create a web design using graphic design software, you must know that the web design is much more to it. The graphic design is the just the commencement. You need to know the basics of HTML and CSS to get started!

Process of Web Development

Concept – Graphic Design – Development & Support

HTML and CSS are Design Tools for Front End Development

  1. HTML and CSS don’t compile anything (If you use LESS or SASS… it directly compiles to something (CSS) 😉
  2. They describe presentation and not define function
  3. In both the languages, there are no if and then statements
  4. They have rules for styling and to give structure to the content
  5. HTML as the name rightly says “Hyper Text MarkUp Language”

Enables Interactive User Experiences

Since the whole interactive UI has come in picture, having static mockups is an outdated concept. More designers are looking at dynamic and interactive user friendly websites. They are including new work flows and tools. These tools are enabling web development experts to create more accessible and interactive user experiences with the uses of devices.

Design for Browsers

HTML and CSS are those tools that allow developers and programmers to design inside the browser which may be the case of creating a design on the artboard in Photoshop. This way the developers also know what he can do to enhance the user experience. In design software, you can only create static files but with the help of CSS and HTML you can style the website design that works as real prototypes and mockups. This is also better when you are making a presentation in front of your clients. Also, the team finds it easy to pursue the development process as it allows seeing the functionality in real time. And thus improvisation can be made!

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