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Applications and Benefits of IoT in Healthcare

Internet of Things (IoT) is intended to minimize or completely eliminate interactions between human beings or between human beings and computers. Most hospitals have improved diagnosis, reduced operating costs and increased life expectancy of patients by achieving a higher level of automation and convenience through the use of connected wristbands in patients, beds and beacons in and outside the hospital premises.


We discuss few benefits of IoT in healthcare as given below:

Diagnosis is next level

The capability of computers to absorb more data in less time is making it more appropriate for the healthcare sector. If doctors want to keep themselves updated with the latest news of the medical world then they would have to read articles, case studies and reports and there won’t be much time left for them to do their actual work. But IBM’s Watson, on the other hand, gathers data from patient records, case studies from all around the world and then makes decision through Artificial Intelligence. Hence, with 90% accuracy it is far better than doctors (50% accuracy) at diagnosing cancer.

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