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4 Proven Ways UX Design can Benefit your Business

User experience (UX) is a very crucial aspect of your website or mobile app when it comes to user engagement and retention which in turn impacts the business bottom line. UX design basically focuses on enhancing user satisfaction with a product by aligning the design to the user needs. While it may sound simple but it involves a lot of research and analysis to understand the behaviour of your customers, to know their minds in order to fulfill their needs. Therefore, your web design agency must focus on creating positive user experiences for your business website because UX design can benefit your business in the following ways:


Improve conversion rates

The business space is getting more and more competitive by the day and businesses are constantly striving to find a way to get an edge over their competition. UX design is a powerful tool which they often rely on as it directly affects the conversion rates which in turn impacts the business bottom line. As a result, high priority is placed on UX design by businesses to increase their conversion rates.

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Less expensive

Since, the UX design process involves establishing an understanding of right set of features and adequately putting them in place to create the right product in the first place; you are saved from fixing usability issues later which in itself can be quite expensive.

Design the right product

Providing an amazing user experience to your customers is indispensable for your business and UX design can tell you from the very beginning of your project whether you are on the right track or not. You can discover how you can design the product and improve the user interface by conducting user research and utilizing the insights derived from it.

Boost customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is way more powerful than users’ perception of value in driving customer loyalty, as per Forrester Research. If you are able to meet up to the customers’ expectations then it is more likely that they would stick to you rather than defecting to your competitor. Moreover, happy customers are more likely to become advocates of your brand too.

Now that you know the benefits of UX design for your business, get in touch with a UX design development company for your next web development project.

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Applications and Benefits of IoT in Healthcare

Internet of Things (IoT) is intended to minimize or completely eliminate interactions between human beings or between human beings and computers. Most hospitals have improved diagnosis, reduced operating costs and increased life expectancy of patients by achieving a higher level of automation and convenience through the use of connected wristbands in patients, beds and beacons in and outside the hospital premises.


We discuss few benefits of IoT in healthcare as given below:

Diagnosis is next level

The capability of computers to absorb more data in less time is making it more appropriate for the healthcare sector. If doctors want to keep themselves updated with the latest news of the medical world then they would have to read articles, case studies and reports and there won’t be much time left for them to do their actual work. But IBM’s Watson, on the other hand, gathers data from patient records, case studies from all around the world and then makes decision through Artificial Intelligence. Hence, with 90% accuracy it is far better than doctors (50% accuracy) at diagnosing cancer.

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Gear Yourself Up for the IOT-centric Front End Development

In the constantly evolving technological landscape successful businesses remain proactive to make the most out of new technological advancements. Now the era of Internet of Things (IoT) has begun! Therefore, businesses are all set to make that game-changing move to address the opportunities brought by this emerging technology. IoT is the integration of several things, the scope of this article is limited only to front end development which plays a significant role in making your IoT solution an intuitive part of users’ daily life.


The need of Universal API

Application Programmable Interfaces (APIs) are crucially connected with IoT since they expose the data that facilitates connected devices to come together and resolve new workflows. IoT has brought new challenges for developers as there would be various devices with varied screen sizes connected together trying to access content from the web. Being an emerging technology IoT has brought with it recurring problems which can be resolved to a great extent if they are addressed right at the API layer. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to have scalable, interoperable, flexible and secure APIs.

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