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Gear Yourself Up for the IOT-centric Front End Development

In the constantly evolving technological landscape successful businesses remain proactive to make the most out of new technological advancements. Now the era of Internet of Things (IoT) has begun! Therefore, businesses are all set to make that game-changing move to address the opportunities brought by this emerging technology. IoT is the integration of several things, the scope of this article is limited only to front end development which plays a significant role in making your IoT solution an intuitive part of users’ daily life.


The need of Universal API

Application Programmable Interfaces (APIs) are crucially connected with IoT since they expose the data that facilitates connected devices to come together and resolve new workflows. IoT has brought new challenges for developers as there would be various devices with varied screen sizes connected together trying to access content from the web. Being an emerging technology IoT has brought with it recurring problems which can be resolved to a great extent if they are addressed right at the API layer. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to have scalable, interoperable, flexible and secure APIs.

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